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Jenifer Edwards


As a born healer I have always had unique medicine to share with the world. I mix a fusion of skin care, energy work and intuitive astrology to unleash that Sacred Feminine Beauty from the Inside Out.

At Thank Goddess I use plant based products sourced locally as well as a combination of essential oils and herbs procured from the finest apothecary’s around the world. I offer skin care, microdermabrasian and body treatments. I make personalized products for clients and their individual needs.

The Soul Apothecary is where you’ll find Reiki, Astrology, Sacred Geometry, Manifestation and Moon Magic.

I have the ability to blend the two worlds together for an ultimate experience.

My mission…

To Make you feel Beautiful from the Inside Out

Thank Goddess is about raising vibrations and rediscovering and honoring the sacred feminine. Which in turn will change the vibration of the planet. Very minimally I will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and with that unmistakable Goddess Glow.



Amazing, beautiful and magical session. I received a facial and reiki. I left with my face glowing and my soul revived. I feel like a beautiful sunshine goddess! 


Massage Therapist, Nomadic Maine Wellness

I just had a facial and Reiki at Thank Goddess. I highly recommend it to everyone! It was the most relaxing, peaceful experience I’ve ever had!! I only wish I lived closer so I could go regularly. Thank you for the wonderful experience, Jen


RN, Erie, PA


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