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Jenifer Edwards

I am a Maine based Intuitive Astrologer, Cartomancer, and Reiki III Practitioner. My divine mission is to assist others in discovering their Souls Purpose through their unique astrological fingerprint — their birth chart.

The birth chart is a soul map of our journey in this lifetime, filled with the challenges we chose to master as well as the blessings which guide and enhance during our human experience. The precise moment in time our souls chose to enter into this plane of existence is a blueprint of our psyche and can help to unlock the innate intuitive gifts we all collectively possess. 

By understanding birth placements, and how the current planetary transits in the sky interact with our unique birth charts, our perception has a vehicle to shift, balancing the energy serving us, and how we choose to be stewards add to that gifted energy. 

I fell in love with the beauty, science, and magic that is astrology at the very young age of 13. Now, with 30 years of passion behind me, and a lifetime left to discover, evolve, and serve, I am filled with gratitude to facilitate not only astrology readings, but awakenings which plant the seeds of introspection to blossom and soul expansions to bloom.

I hope to share space with you soon!

Sending you all my love,

xx Jenifer  






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